Green Mamba


The green mamba is endangered because loss of habitat and people killing them.

People are cutting the aired forest down in east Africa where the green mamba lives. People cut down trees because  people need wood and paper products... Such as paper, toilet paper, pencils, and other supplies. Since the trees disapear the green mamba is left with the hard stiff ground! But these snakes have good sense and sight, with the trees the snake can slithery to the tipy top and can smell his victim from a distance. But without the trees its hard to find food! Also these snakes are known to be killers in Africa. But most people live through a green mamba bite. But still people fell the very bad pain and kill the green mamba back.


The Eastern African green mamba snake spends an arboreal life and rarely visits the ground unless driven by preys or the need to bask under the sun. Green mambas live in evergreen forest and bushed-covered areas! They love to stay in the tree tops looking for prey, when they find a smell close enough they search for their pleasent snack! They have other habitats too, like coastal scrub, moist Savannah, bamboo and mango plantations are also known to home this creature. But when these snakes get in farms, farmers are at risk of a nasty bite!


 The green mamba eats frogs, birds, eggs, and small rodents! this snake catches his food by wiating in a tree tops trying to smell out its prey. When the snake finds a strong smell it goes and sniffs the prey out. Then when the green mamba gets close enough it strikes and bites the neck of the victim. (Green mambas do have venom) So the venom slowly moves out of the green mambas mouth into the body of the animal. After the snake has swollowed the small mammel whole it will bath in the sun waiting for the big lump in the stomach to digest. But when the trees in the forest get cut down no birds live there, and when that happens the green mamba does not have enough food! When this happens to the snake it can die from starvation.

Body Form


1. Green mambas have venom.

2. Green mambas like to lay on tree tops.

3. These snakes live in eastern Africa in many places, but mostly forests.

4. Green mambas are endangered because of land loss and starvation.

5.  They eat birds, frogs, eggs, and small rodents!

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